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Huon Pine has a long and proud place in Tasmanian history. Before the arrival of the Europeans, Aboriginal people used the timber in many practical ways and were aware of certain medicinal properties Huon Pine Oil is said to have.

Following a reckless period of virgin forest exploitation which resulted in a massive depletion of the old stands, the Huon Pine resource is now carefully managed and old stands are no longer logged. All the Huon Pine used to manufacture our products was sourced from the buttes and heads of trees logged over a century ago and left on the forest floor of Teepookana Plateau - timber considered not worth taking by the Piners earlier last century.

It's worth remembering that Huon Pine can be thousands of years old and as such we are fully conscious of this fact and seek to express our respect for this rare timber in each and every one of our products.

We present a small collection of the 100 odd products we manufacture on this page. We like to think each product is not only aesthetically pleasing and functionally practical but that each piece also carries a memory of the profound natural quality that is unique to Tasmania's ancient forests.
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